Bunbury is located on the coastal area of Western Australia where the Collie and the Preston Rivers meet and open into Koombana Bay. It is 175 kilometres south of Perth, the state’s capital. Western Australia is our largest state with few large cities. It takes some getting around but is certainly well worth it from the variety of geographic locations and great things to see. Bunbury is on the Indian Ocean with lots of things to do and see and accessible from many places in eastern Australia across the Nullarbor on Highway 1.

You can fly from every capital city in Australia to Perth and then drive to Bunbury or you can go by train on the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Broken Hill in far western New South Wales, Adelaide then Perth. The train travels twice weekly in both directions and a trip takes 3 full days. You can take your car with you on the train.

You get to Bunbury from Perth on Highway 1 in around 2 hours depending on the traffic. There is a train from Perth twice a day and it takes about 2 and a half hours and there are buses to Bunbury from Perth also by the Veolia Transport Company.

From Kalgoorlie you travel on the 94 route to Perth then turn south on Highway 1.

From Adelaide travel on highway 1 across the Nullarbor to Eucla then Norseman and you can go north to Kalgoorlie and to Perth then to Bunbury or south to Esperance and across to Bunbury or from Esperance travel to Albany for a more scenic trip around the coast.

Distance and times

Perth to Bunbury-175 km and about 2 hours

Adelaide to Bunbury-2860 km and about 28 hours and 30 minutes

Sydney to Bunbury-4215 km and about 42 hours and 10 minutes

Melbourne to Bunbury-3585 km and about 36 hours and 30 minutes

Darwin to Bunbury-4200 km and about 40 hours and 40 minutes

Freemantle to Bunbury-150 km and about 1 hour and 30 minutes

Margaret River to Bunbury-150 km and about 1 hour and 30 minutes

Kalgoorlie to Bunbury-750 km and about 7 hours and 50 minutes on route 94 from Perth

Albany to Bunbury-360 km and about 4 hours on route 10

Carnarvon to Bunbury-1080 km and about 11 hours on Highway 1

Geraldton to Bunbury-580 km and about 5 hours and 30 minutes on Highway 1 through Perth and north

Esperance to Bunbury-690 km and about 7 hours on the 107 and then Highway 1