With a constantly growing economy, the opportunities for investment in the area are large and diverse. From manufacturing and industry, where there is a port for international transport and good rail infrastructure for national transport, tourism, housing and all other factors needed for a large modern city, there is ample opportunity to invest in the future of Bunbury.

If you are thinking of a small business that is related to the tourism sector there are a lot of places to choose from to set this up. More tourists also mean more places are needed for them to stay. Many tourists are from a long way away and will generally stay in the area up to a week to explore all that the region has to offer. So investing in accommodation is a good opportunity in an area like Bunbury.

There are a lot of related infrastructures with accommodation and tourism, people need to eat and drink. They need restaurants and bars, supermarkets, green grocers, places to buy souvenirs, places to visit and transport. Investing in some sort of top class accommodation or family oriented accommodation would give you a good investment opportunity if you do your homework and find the right place for the right service.

As the town grows and more people move here they need houses to live in and schools for their children and this gives rise to opportunities to invest in construction and community services. You can also look at the outlying areas to Bunbury in the rural sector for housing and for tourist accommodation and related industries.

The council here is looking at the area growing steadily and improving services for the disabled and people in general so there is going to be ample opportunity to invest in this cosmopolitan and thriving modern city in Western Australia.