Bunbury is a dynamic and thriving city that is moving forward and has a lot to offer the people living here. It is in a beautiful part of the country with a moderate climate, good access to education, health services and a lot of sport and recreation facilities. It is close to the states capital that offers a lot more cultural activities, major health services and higher education opportunities. There are a lot of opportunities here for families young and old with support for all age groups with the City Council moving ahead with disabled access to as many places as possible.

Tourism plays an important part in Bunbury’s moving ahead as it presents some unique opportunities that can’t be found everywhere else. The dolphins in the bay are an example of a unique tourist attraction as are the wildflowers of the south west region of the state. There is a unique Aboriginal heritage to the area and with white Australians and younger Aboriginal people becoming more aware of the wonderful culture the Aborigines bring to us; there are some great opportunities to learn here.

Like most popular tourist areas some people will visit and then come here to live so there is always a chance of the town moving ahead and not stagnating. Tourism will always provide jobs for young people and some will stay in the area and not move away. They may go to university but there are ample opportunities to return to Bunbury.

Bunbury has a number of primary and secondary schools as well as a TAFE College and a campus of Edith Cowan University. There are also a number of education support centres and private schools.

The area also has some great entertainment with a 6 cinema complex and the Bunbury Entertainment Centre that brings national and international acts to the city.

There are also a lot of sporting clubs here offering great opportunities for health and fitness. The range is huge and a lot of sports are represented including basketball, softball, cricket, rugby league and union, Australian Rules football, soccer, archery, swimming, water polo, running, cycling, bowling, tennis and martial arts. The beaches and the bays give rise to an array of water activities from boating and fishing, swimming and a unique marine environment to explore.

The area also has a variety of health services without the need to go to Perth. There is a hospital and mental health services, women’s services and many services you find in the larger cities. As Bunbury is a large city a lot of services are provided as the need for them is there.

The area of the south west and Bunbury offer a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities that always make living in a town better as you can escape the hustle and bustle and get the family outside and explore the country we live in.

Bunbury offers a lifestyle we could all enjoy with the infrastructure and facilities we need for a healthy and happy lifestyle. There is the chance for a good education, playing sport, medical services we all need and the opportunity to explore the great outdoors.