Bunbury is a thriving and dynamic city with some good working opportunities due to its location on Koombana Bay and accessibility for big ships, great range of tourist activities and all of the employment that goes to make up a modern growing city in Western Australia.

The main working opportunities are in manufacturing, construction, tourism and health and community services. This variety of employment will always generate more job opportunities as the town continues to grow.

There will always be opportunities to work in tourism and this gives rise to a lot of small businesses that people run themselves to bring visitors to the area. There are a lot of little galleries and cottage industries aimed at tourists and there is always the room for one more. Many artists enjoy the diverse environment for artistic opportunities and the number of tourists to the area will make most ventures well worth the effort.

There is a lot of infrastructure needed for tourism from accommodation, food and drink and all of the related businesses to support the industry. More tourists mean more job opportunities in this sector of the economy.

There are a lot of manufacturing companies in Bunbury and engineering firms that go together to make a number of job opportunities for trades people and tertiary qualified people. Construction jobs also play an important role in a growing economy as people always need places to live and to work. The other jobs that this sector brings up are in heavy machinery, vehicle mechanics and electrical work.

A town this size also needs a lot of medical and health services in the area so people don’t need to travel to Perth for a minor complaint. There are also a lot of opportunities in the media industry. There are several radio stations and newspapers in the area and local television stations, though the TV opportunities are more likely to be in Perth. Local reporters are still needed though in all areas of the south west for television, radio and newspapers.

A growing city and economy will always have job opportunities in all sectors of the economy so there is always work for just about any person with or without trades and skills.